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On-line voltage monitoring device (voltage monitor)

Product Name: Voltage Online Monitoring Device (voltage monitor)

Product Model:TLKS-PLVD

Product Note: Recommended New Product - Voltage Online Monitoring Device

Product Category: Intelligent Distribution Network Online Monitoring Series

I. Product Overview

With the increasing use of electricity, a wide variety of electrical equipment, the widespread use of non-linear equipment, the power grid has been subject to a considerable degree of harmonic pollution, which has attracted the attention of the power sector. With the continuous development of our countrys communication technology, the voltage monitor technology is also continuously improving. In order to meet the demand of wide area communication, our company developed a new generation of online voltage monitoring device with GPRS/GSM/RS485 communication module on the basis of the first generation voltage monitor with voltage distortion measurement to solve the voltage on-line monitoring. The long-distance communication problem of the device, and the measurement principle has been more scientifically adjusted and improved, in order to improve the technical performance and meet the needs of the power sector for voltage quality monitoring and management. Compared with the first generation, the new-generation voltage monitor is more convenient to operate and more complete in data, and will become a powerful tool for the power sector to monitor the power quality at all levels of the grid.

Second, the working principle

The voltage on-line monitoring device is mainly a voltage monitoring network system composed of a voltage monitor, a GPRS data server and a client host computer data management system. It uses a GPRS network wireless data collector to send or receive field data to a remote GPRS data server. On the Internet, these data are sent to the remote host management system of the remote power department through the INTERNET network to implement remote wireless data collection and monitoring of field instrument data.

Third, the main function

1, Real-time measurement of AC voltage RMS, according to the set statistical AC voltage value of the upper limit of the time, the ultra-low limit of the time, the total operation time, power outage time and the number of power outages, calculate the voltage qualification rate, voltage limit rate, voltage limit rate And do the voltage over limit, the alarm limit switch output over the limit;

2. Record the highest voltage, the lowest voltage, and the time of occurrence (accurate to minutes) of the day and month;

3, Record the statistics data of the history for 90 days and the voltage curve data of the whole point;

4, record the history of 12 months and months statistics;

5, The instrument record data is 12 month month data (this month data, historical month data) and 90 day data;

6, the instrument power data retention time is greater than 1 year;

7, comes with backup power (rechargeable lithium battery), after a power outage, work for 6 hours;

8, the display part uses a large screen 128 × 64 LCD display, making the data display more clearly;

9, low power design, backlight 60 seconds automatically shut down, reduce the overall power consumption;

10, All menus adopt Chinese characters, human-machine dialogue is more friendly, and communication status is clear;

11, by entering the corresponding password, can be modified: a voltage value, voltage threshold, address and time, communication method items (3G/GPRS/GSM), system initialization, master station IP address / port / APN.

Fourth, technical parameters

Working temperature: -40°C~+70°C;

Altitude: not more than 3000m;

Environmental conditions: There is no danger of explosion around, no gas sufficient to damage the insulation and corrosion metal, and no conductive dust;

Rated voltage: AC100V, 220V, 380V;

Rated frequency: 50Hz;

Voltage distortion rate: < 5%;

Power loss: <4VA (GPRS/GSM module is in standby mode);

Voltage error: 0.5%;

Frequency error: 0.5%.


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