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Product Name: Signal Source

Product Model:TLKS-XHY

Product Note: Recommended New Product - Signal Source

Product Category: Intelligent Distribution Network Online Monitoring Series

I. Product Overview

The outdoor signal source is mainly used for 10kV overhead lines with ungrounded or arc-suppressed coils at the neutral point. When a single-phase earth fault occurs on the line, a specific sequence of power-frequency current pulse signals is injected into the line. The fault indicator installed on the line is detected and indicated by means of electromechanical flops, LED flashes, and wireless alarm signals to achieve the detection and positioning of ground faults.

Second, the working principle

When a single-phase ground fault occurs on the line, the ground phase voltage will decrease and the non-ground phase voltage will increase. According to this characteristic, the three-phase voltage sensor detects that the voltage of one phase is lower than the set value and the other two phases are higher than the set voltage. When it lasts for 10 seconds (Note: Preventing transient grounding, intermittent grounding, disturbance caused by unbalanced switching of three-phase load) is considered as a permanent ground fault, the current voltage data and alarm information are immediately sent to the signal The source controller and the source controller begin to issue a specific sequence of power-frequency current pulse signals of 10 to 40 A from the leading phase line, and a signal current sensor installed on the signal source ground line is quickly sent to the signal after detecting the signal current. The source controller then sends the relevant data to the master station via the GPRS method and the EC60870-5-101 protocol.

Third, product features

1. Collect three relative ground voltages;

2. Acquire signal injection current

3. Collect the switch position of the high voltage contactor of the signal source;

4, issued a specific sequence of power frequency current pulse signal

5, with artificial analog phase selection function

6. The high voltage contactor control circuit is electrically interlocked.

Fourth, technical parameters

1. Rated voltage: 10kV;                                                                8, Altitude: ≤2000m

2, rated frequency: 50Hz;                                                             9, contamination level: IV level

3, the power supply: AC220V;                                                      10, seismic capacity: 3g;

4, signal current: 0 ~ 40Aac, 150ms / S * 8;                                  11, short-term power: 208kW / 10S;

5, vacuum contactor breaking current: 400A;                               12, signal ground and protection ground: respectively connected to the earth;

6, mechanical life (heavy / minutes cycle): 100,000 times;             13, cabinet weight: less than 120kg;

7, operating temperature: -40 °C ~ +70 °C;                                 14, cabinet size: 650mm * 600mm * 1250mm (length * width * height).


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